Meet our first MMA fighter in Hong Kong Fight Club!

Kicking start his martial art journey 9 years ago, Donald has long been devoting his passion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Donald made his MMA debut as an amateur fighter in “MFC - Malaysian Fight Championship 5” in 2012, which was 1 year ahead of Dante Lam Chiu-Yin's  movie “Unbeatable (激戰)”. Since then, he has been obsessed with this combat sports which emphasizes diversity and all-rounded fighting techniques. To Donald, MMA is more than just brutal moments in the octagon. It gives purpose to his life by understanding more about himself. It’s something he would devote to for life. 

"Donald might not be the most talented and gifted fighter, he for sure put in constant effort each day to achieve his goal.” said his trainer, Henry Chan. 27 Nov 2015 will be Donald 6th MMA fight. Mark the date. Witness his dedication and hard work!