History of Fight Club

About us

Fight Club Ltd is a registered limited Company in Hong Kong . Founded by Henry in Year 2003, originally it was not intended to have any open classes, but a private dojo for Henry to invite his fight friends to train together. The Club was situated on the top floor of commercial highrise in Wanchai where Henry's engineering consultancy firm was operating next door. Many nights after work, Henry would spend hours next door to hit the bags, skip the rope and shadow box to work off the hectic stresses accumulated from daily business.

After a while, some friends of Henry thought it would be a waste not to let people know there is such an ideal training place for white collar. With the help of newspaper media, Henry took in some fresh members and start teaching regular classes. In the beginning, there were only kickboxing classes available held by Henry himself.

Later on, Henry met Judo Instructor Sansei Donald Cheung and BJJ Instructor Thomas Fan (Head of Hong Kong BJJ Association at the time), they both have solid experience in grappling art. Sansei Donald helped Henry for two months to establish the Jujitsu classes in Fight Club, and that was how Hong Kong Full-Contact Jujitsu Club was formed. Shortly after, Henry decided to contact Gracie Barra in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil for proper guidance in teaching BJJ. The affiliation process took about 6 months to complete, with instructional materials being directed from Gracie Barra. At this point, Henry felt that his private dojo next to his office was no longer suitable for such grappling sport. Hence, Fight Club was moved to a bigger space where it is now. The club is now better known as Gracie Barra Hong Kong.

History of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
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Milestone of Fight Club

Major Event

November 2004

Fight Club Grand Opening Ceremony

December 2004

1st Interviewed by Newspaper (Sing Tao)

1 January 2005

Officially Affiliated to Hong Kong Boxing Association

24 April 2006

Gracie Barra Hong Kong Grand Opening by Professor Marco Joca

22 Sept 2006

Officially Affiliated to Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

11 November 2006

Co-organizer 1st Copa De Hong Kong

25 March 2007

1st Hong Kong Gracie Barra Submission Grappling Championship (Team Champion)

November 2006 to

December 2007

Professor Chet Quint (Gracie China) as guest Professor

2 October 2007

Visit by World Champion Professor Eduardo Telles

21 October 2007

TVB Pearl Report

December 2007

Professor Daniel Charles from Nova Uniao became Club’s Professor

3 September 2008

Henry promoted to purple belt in BJJ

13 October 2009 to

30 November 2009

Professor Rodrigo Caporal from Atos JJ as guest Professor

October 2009 to

Feb 2010

Professor Silvio Braza from Gracie Pitsbull as guest Professor

18 Jan 2010

Daidojuku Kudo seminar by Jukucho Azuma Takashi

19 Jan 2010

Henry promoted to 2nd Dan by Jukucho Azuma

1 July 2010

Officially recongnized as Branch Chief by Kudo International Federation (K.I.F.)